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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mining Range Service?

It is a cloud mining service which makes cryptocurrency mining easy and fast online. You can buy Bitcoin miner online on a small and big scale then make profit from them.

How to Mine Bitcoin by Mining Range?

It is done very easily and fast. If you registered, you have already stared mining free automatically. If you want make more profit, just need to go to the dashboard page and buy a miner with just one click. Of course before you need to deposit to buy. It is easy too.

How Much Is the Mining Efficiency? Why Don’t You Mine Yourself?

We mine using the same hardware that we provide for the customer and also our capital is limited. We believe that the best method for gaining cryptocurrency is mining. However, we prefer not to put all our eggs in one basket.

What Is 100% Uptime Guarantee?

It is always possible for a hardware to slow down or fail to operate completely. In these cases, our platform algorithm assures you that other back-up miners in the pools compensate for any probable power loss. Therefore, our customers do not miss even a single second of mining.

Where Are Our Mining Farms Located?

Mining Range is a private corporation and due to security issues cannot reveal the exact location of the farms. But since February 2018, we have been working on farms in Asia and we aim to develop our farms in Europe and America soon. Electricity cost and availability of cooling systems are important but are not the only criteria

Which Pools Do You Use for Mining?

LWe cannot release a list of our pools, but our major criteria for choosing a pool include: reliability, cost structure, and reject rate.

Isn’t It Cheaper to Buy Hardware?

At first glance, it might look cheaper to buy hardware, but there are many hidden costs which affect the final figure at the start of mining.

Transportation: limited corporations undertake transportation of these machines. But in many cases they charge you extra costs. Toll, Value-Added Tax: in case of international delivery, you have to pay toll and value-added tax. Overall, this process adds a lot to your mining equipment costs.
Delivery time: once you pay for your machine, you have to wait for the miner to be packaged and sent. If your machine is kept in the custom house, it is possible that you have to wait weeks.
Meanwhile, you won’t be mining. If the trader delays for whatever reason, you have to wait. In Mining Range system, when you pay, you instantly receive your hash power online without any delay.
Extra Equipment Cost: when buying the machine from those who mine on a small scale, you should often buy extra equipment like PSU which should match the electricity features of your country, control unit, and mining shelves. The extra equipment increases the cost.
Regulation of the Systems: when you receive the machine, you should assemble and configure it. Inexperienced people often underestimate the necessary knowledge and technique needed for regulation and optimization of the machine. People who used the first asics, spent days and weeks on them. Financially speaking, this will cost you twice as much and you will miss the time and opportunity to mine.
Repairing and Maintenance: hardware break-down or disconnections can cause malfunction from seconds to weeks. If your machine does not work, you have to return it and start over. Anyway, you should evaluate your guaranteed mining time which is often less than a year. In Hash Range, we guarantee 100% that in case of a malfunction in a unit, other units will turn on and immediately start mining and you won’t even notice this.
Electricity: having machines at home not only produces heat and noise, but also increases the electricity bill prices. This is a very important factor which many underestimate.
Please do not get us wrong. We do not intend to dissuade you from mining at home. But most of the time, when we ask about the prices, we understand that most of the users are not aware of the hidden costs.
If you compare the real prices, you will understand that our prices are very competitive.
We want to make the best possible experience of mining for you so that you can focus on mining the coin while we take care of the rest of the things.

How to Evaluate the Efficiency?

Since third party calculators are a popular method for estimating the mining function, we built a specific calculator and arranged general explanations for probable issues.
When assessing the advantages, please bear this in mind that when you use our services and mine, the daily maintenance costs have been considered.
The mining results depend on the price and the problems of the coin network in which you are mining. Therefore, the customer himself must decide about the mining advantages and be aware of the dangers or special conditions.

That’s OK, How Should We Start?

You should first make a user account on the platform. Doing this, you have a mining account and wallet of Bitcoin that can be mined. You can mine in the dashboard with your processor’s power. There is no limit in the number of imported machines and you are able to mine with any number of them.

How can I have a wallet?

After signing up and creating an account on the platform, a wallet will be opened for you and all platform transactions take place using your own wallet. For wallet transactions to be automatic and immediate, we have established a bitcoin master

When Can We Receive the Mining Outcome?

A day of mining usually starts at 00:00 UTC up to 23:59:59 UTC so, mining workers are working 24 hours a day based on their predefined settings.
We have many ongoing scripts as well as countless number of inspections that are being performed now including even manual checkouts of some of these processes which make us able to maximize the mine outcomes. Therefore, receiving outcomes might need a bit more than 24 hours. However, all transactions including mining, will be automatically performed and deposited in your wallet.

How many Times Can I Receive my Outcomes?

The mining outcomes can be calculated and deposited in your wallet every 24 hours depending on the amount of processed hashes. Transferring from website wallet to anywhere can be done automatically and immediately without limitation in time and size.

How can I Contact You if I Have More Questions?

Customer Service is on top of our priority agenda since it generates great feelings among our users and it is also a subtle concept in business. Hence, our experts are in touch with you if you need any help.
Remember the fact that account-related issues might require precise inspections to be resolved, so it might take more time for consideration than other issues.
You can contact us by filling out the form which is on the website.